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At All Smiles Dentistry, we believe everyone should have access to care that’s effective and affordable, and treatment free of pain, anxiety and stress. At our practice, we’ll focus on your comfort and education so that treatment is more pleasant than ever before.

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A perfect smile guaranteed

Each member of our team is committed to providing the highest level of service to you and your family’s dental needs. We treat each and every patient like our own family members, who we care for each and every day.


General Dentistry

We provide comprehensive dentistry services to our patients



Whether you're missing one or multiple teeth, we can help!


Dental Emergency

We offer flexible scheduling options so that you can come in at a time that works best for you


Holistic Approach

Also known as alternative dentistry, natural dentistry, and unconventional dentistry.


Teeth Whitening

Our teeth whitening services are safe and effective, so you can relax while we do the work.

Dental Services in North Miami

A perfect smile guaranteed

Each member of our team is committed to providing the highest level of service to you and your family’s dental needs. We treat each and every patient like our own family members, who we care for each and every day.

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We are your one-stop dental office in North Miami

Our dentist and dental team are highly trained and experienced. Our staff is here to provide personal dental care for each of our patients in a family-like atmosphere.

Quality Services

We understand that going to the dentist can be intimidating. That's why we've made it our mission to provide patients with an experience that's as relaxed and stress-free as possible.

Modern Technology

We've invested in modern technology to make sure you have all the information about your teeth that you need—and all in one place.

Professional Dentists

We believe that you deserve the best. That's why we've assembled a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing you with the best dental care possible, in a friendly and comfortable environment.


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Natalie Barr
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The staff was incredibly friendly and accommodating. The doctor was awesome and knowledgeable, very helpful and honest she is people focus not money focused and I like that she is concerned about her patients well being as well as their finances. I would recommend this office because it is very clean and comfortable and have great service.
Samson Delne
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This people are the best dentist office they service very excellent. I was in so much pain yesterday . Every other places l went they're charging me so much money. At the last minute l received a phone call from all smiles General dentistry Il office., called me regarding my appointment l was so happy that minute and the staff are very nice people. I don't feel no more pain after. They're the best at Miami gardens location
Stanford Ferguson
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Just love the friendly atmosphere and caring attitude towards patients. The Doctor is gentle, extremely professional and understanding
Our Dentists

Professional Dentists

We’re proud to offer you the highest quality dental service for every patient. Our professional dentists are trained to provide services that will exceed your expectations, so you can have a beautiful smile that you love to show off.

Dr. B

Senior Dentist


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No insurance? No problem. We have discount plans in-office that will help you save.

Consultations are free and are at no-obligation. Meaning, we are confident you will love our practice.

As a leading dental clinic in North Miami, we provide a comprehensive range of dental treatments, from preventive care to cosmetic procedures. Our experienced team is equipped to handle everything from routine cleanings to advanced dental surgeries. Explore our services page or contact us for more details.

Many diseases of the teeth and surrounding tissues cannot be seen when the dentist examines the mouth. An X-ray examination may reveal: small areas of decay between the teeth or below existing restorations (fillings) infections in the bone periodontal (gum) disease abscesses or cysts developmental abnormalities some types of tumors Finding and treating dental problems at an early stage can save time, money and often unnecessary discomfort. X-rays can detect damage to oral structures not visible during a regular exam. If you have a hidden tumor, X-rays may even help save your life. Dentist will evaluate your need for X-rays based on the conditions present in development. There are many benefits to having X-rays taken. Any additional questions or concerns should be discussed with your dentist.

Yes, we do! We believe in making dental care accessible for everyone in North Miami. Our flexible payment plans and financing options ensure you receive the care you need without stressing your budget. Connect with our finance team to learn more.

We understand that dental visits can be nerve-wracking for some. At All Smiles General Dentistry in North Miami, we offer a compassionate approach, ensuring a relaxed atmosphere and, if needed, sedation options to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

For optimal oral health, we recommend a dental check-up every six months. However, based on individual needs, we might suggest more frequent visits. Stay proactive about your dental health and schedule your regular check-ups with our North Miami team.

Yes, we accept most major dental insurances. Our team in North Miami is here to assist you with insurance queries and ensure a smooth billing process. If you have specific questions about your coverage, please get in touch with us.

New patients will first do a comprehensive full-mouth examination. Then, the doctor will provide your treatment options.
Yes, absolutely! We have payment solutions for all budgets. We make high quality dental care affordable.

Oral injuries are often painful, and should be treated by a dentist as soon as possible. If you have knocked out a tooth, these tips may be able to save it:

  • Rinse, do not scrub, the tooth to remove dirt or debris
  • Place the clean tooth in your mouth between your cheek and gum or under your tongue
  • Do not attempt to replace the tooth into the socket as this could cause further damage
  • Get to the dentist. Successful re-implantation is possible only when treatment is performed promptly
  • If it is not possible to store the tooth in the mouth of the injured person, wrap the tooth in a clean cloth or gauze and immerse it in milk.
Sensitivity toothpaste, which contains strontium chloride or potassium nitrate are very effective in treating sensitive teeth. After a few weeks of use, you may notice a decrease in sensitivity. Highly acidic foods such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons, as well as tea and soda can increase tooth sensitivity, and work against sensitivity toothpaste. If you do not get relief by brushing gently and using desensitizing toothpaste, see your dentist. There are special compounds that can be applied in-office to the roots of your tooth to reduce – if not eliminate – the sensitivity. High-fluoride containing home care products can also be recommended to help reduce tooth sensitivity. Ask the friendly staff at Mountain Dental for more information on sensitive teeth.

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